How the 
Program Works

Any child can read once they learn the letter names and how to blend.

Here’s how it works


Our program starts simply with a book. As we read each chapter of the book, pictures are introduced to the child–each associated with a sound. 

We use the pictures to help the child learn letter names. They learn them more quickly and easily in this manner.

At the same time the child is learning letters, they are also learning how to blend. Blending is a skill that takes time and, with this program, can be mastered at the beginning.

Once the child learns the letters and how to blend, they can read. Our program guides them through the simplest books, gradually teaching new words.

Other parts of the program include writing skills so the child, not only can read the words, but can write the words as well. 

History of the program

    In 2003 we began developing the Read at Three program to be used in our preschool. We spent 4 years developing it into something children could do that was bite-size enough, not to overwhelm them, but also to make it fun.

    We changed it here and there to fit the needs of the children and make it easy for them and parents to use. In 2007 we finally had something that was successful with every child in the class. We started promising parents that if they worked with their child 5 minutes, 5 days a week, we could guarantee their child would learn to read within a year. We have been making that promise every year and it still works today.

    This program has influenced our community in a way that now it is the norm for kids to be entering Kindergarten knowing how to read. Our preschool is full of kids who have seen their older brothers and sisters coming home with the program and are excited to do it for themselves.

    We make this program available to you in hopes to change the norm even outside our own community. We want parents, teachers–and the kids themselves–to know how kids really are smart.