Preschool Kit

Includes everything you get in the Home School Kit which is:

 The Program

Here are the additional items 

  included in the Preschool Kit:

  The preschool kit is made for a classroom of 20 children. If you have more than 20 students you can order extra Flashcards and Mindlinks.

                  • The Mystery Book

                     • Mindlink Flashcards

Letter Flashcards

40 Mini Books

20 Blending Books

  1. Homework - 41 Pages

  2. 26 Tracing Pages  • Instructional DVD and Booklet

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20 Keys instead of one

Each child receives a key at the end of The Mystery Book

49 Congratulations Cards

Tells the parent when their child passes off a level and what to practice next. Each card has a different design.  (comes in black-n-white and can be printed on color paper)

20 Letter Flashcard Sets

Each child gets their own set of flashcards

to practice at home.

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          all materials

  2 Sets of 40 Mini Books (80 in all)

Mini Books is what your child will read after she is blending and has learned her letter names. Books 1-15 have two-sound words. Books 16-40 have three-sound words. The books build gradually so the child can read a new books often and see her progress.

  1. 50 Reading

  2. and Writing

  3. Activities (class Set)

The 50 sheets are separated by color dividers and easy to hand out and file back after using.

26 Tracing Pages

There are 26 Tracing Pages, one page for each letter of the alphabet. Each page helps the child build hand coordination and practice writing their name. We do a new letter once a week,

starting with the

letter A.

When they finish

tracing, they get to pick

a sticker.

4 Assessment Sheets

Both video and instructional booklet explains how to use the assessment sheets.

10 Mindlink flashcard sets

     instead of one.

         Essential for memorizing

              the letters more quickly

                 and easily.

10 Pointer Sticks

Makes pointing at the letters more fun for the child. Great for color recognition too.

Letter Match-Ups class set

This set allows quick access to every child’s level and Mindlinks in each divider. Comes in a larger box that holds Mini Books and Congratulations cards.

Bulletin Board W/ Display Cards

Includes boarder, bulletin board fabric, and 39 display cards laminated and backed with velcro. Learn and review sounds all year.