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Overview of Program Materials

Mindlink Flash-cards

Mind links is a unique method we’ve developed to help children memorize a letter easily.  The instructions for the mind link are on the back of each card. You just read the card to the child and add a little excitement as you read and the child will remember it better. There is a mind link written for every letter of the alphabet

          40 Mini Books

Read these after the child has learned all upper and lowercase letter names. There are 40 Mini Books in each set. Books 1-15 have two-sound words. Books 16-40 have three-sound words.  The child can read the book because they know their letters and they’ve learned how to blend and when you put it together, it’s like magic, they know how to read

20 Blending Books

Blending Books help a child learn how to blend sounds together to make a word. There are 20 books in all. Books 1-10 blend two sounds together. Books 11-20 blend three sounds together

50 Reading and Writing Activities

Levels 1-5 help the child practice blending. The child blends the sounds into a word and marks the picture that matches that word. Levels 6-10 are Writing Activities. They are similar to the reading activities but, they have 3 sound words and the child writes the letter above each sound. All the sounds and their letters are at the top of the page to help the child know what to write.

Homework - 41 Pages

There are 41 Homework pages. Pages 1-10 review the sounds. Page 11 has all the sounds on one page. Pages 12 - 41 teach blending. Some of the homework sheets are games like Memory. Others are books the child can read on their own.

26 Tracing Pages

There are 26 Tracing Pages, one page for each letter of the alphabet. Each page helps the child build hand coordination and practice writing their name. We do a new letter once a

week, starting with the letter A.

When they finish tracing, they

get to pick a sticker.

       Instructional DVD and Booklet

DVD: 19 minute video that shows Read at Three® being used in the classroom.  Teaches how to present each part and make it successful with every child.  Booklet: Written instructions that guide you throughout the year. Includes a time line and procedures for each set of materials.

Letter Flash-cards

Teaches letter names and sounds at home. The white cards are letter names. The yellow cards are letter sounds. These cards are unique because the child can read the letter even if they don’t know them

The Mystery Book and Key

The foundation of the program lies in this book. It teaches the 39 sounds of the English language in the form of pictures. At the end of the book your child receives a key that says “Reading is the Key

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